Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Pickles Closet

Sweet Pickle has the biggest closet in the house.  So, naturally, it became a quick dumping ground for everyone's clothes that needed to be stored somewhere.  Luckily, it's garage sale season so I had the perfect opportunity to clean out the closet and drawers for selling!!!  After a little weeding out I decided I needed to get things in order.  If there is a good sale or clearance rack, I will pick up a few things here and there for both kids.  Well, I needed to organize them somehow.  So.  I did.

And now, for your view pleasure...PICTURES.  Aaaaaah!!! (insert angels singing)

So, when I went to TCS (short for The Container Store-get down with my lingo), I found these 'Garment Organizers'.  You get a set of 12 for $10.  Steep?  Yes.  Can you make your own?  Yes.  BUT, you can reuse these over and over again, so I thought the price was worth it.  I've tried making these before but they weren't perfect enough for it not to slide off to one side.  It was annoying.  But hey, I tried.  And of course, my Washi Tape paired with my lovely label maker (sigh, I love these things).  Moving on...
The garment organizers came with these pre-made labels.  Sure, they're good if you want to organize it their way...which I didn't.  BUT, they would come in handy for guidance in the closet organizing department.  They even have it in Spanish! 
Took me a few minutes to find tape that I liked and wanted to use in Sweet Pickles closet.

I, of course, covered the top with the polka dot tape...and then...
YAY!!!  Added my label to both sides.  I really can't express my love for a good Washi Tape/Label combo. 

And here's the final product!  All of the clothes that are either new or too big for her to wear, stay hung up until she's ready/in need of wearing them.  Whatever doesn't get worn, gets returned.  That's why we take the tags off as we need them.  The clothes she currently wears go into the drawer unit that's in her closet, here's a reminder:
I've had pretty good experience with returns from Kohls.  Target has the ABSOLUTE WORST return policy.  But, Carter's has THE BEST one - lifetime as long as you have the receipt and tags on it.  Love that place!!!  Walmart isn't too shabby with their policy, but haven't had too much experience with them...just their amazingly awful carts.  I could write an entire post on this.  Get with the Target program Walmart!!!  Plastic carts is where it's at!!!

I had to share my great find from yesterday at Target:
I purchased all 5 of these items from Target for $10.50.  Yes, you read that right.  I purchased a 4T size in all for Sweet Pickle for 2014-2015 fall/winter.  I was thrilled.  So, hurry to your local Target and hit up the clearance racks!!!  Every store is different, but still!!!  Tons of cute baby stuff as well...need to buy a gift?

Side note:  I want to thank everyone that entered to win my first giveaway gift!!!  I want to reassure everyone that I would NEVER use your personal email address for anything other than choosing a winner.  Nor would I give or sell it to anyone - honestly, it's a lot like a social security number - if I got a hold of it, I wouldn't even know what to do with it!!!  Thanks again for participating, it was fun to do!!!

Have a most wonderful FRIDAY!!!  Until next week...

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