Friday, May 16, 2014

Kitchen Cupboard Meds and Lids

Not sure about you, but in our house we have a cupboard close to the kitchen sink that houses our prescription medications, the kids meds, and all the lids to ALL the cups that have lids.  It was getting out of control so I used some $3.99 baskets that I got from TCS - I love that store.  I would marry it.  I used a total of 4 baskets, so my grand total for the organizing was about $16.  I love these handled baskets and I have them all over my house.  I actually need to stock up on some more because they are so versatile and useful!!! 
 Bet you have no idea what these are...they're cupboards.
 Left side of the bottom shelf:  medications; both OTC and prescription
 Right side of bottom shelf:  lids to the kids cups and lids to grown up cups.
 These are just some of the commonly used meds we have:  Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benedryl, Zyrtec, Honey Elixir, cough meds, Orajel...and we just put the little dose cups on the top of the bottles.  I love that these meds are located in the kitchen rather than our hall linen closet (although we do keep some lesser used meds in there).  It's easy to grab in the middle of the night if someone is having growing pains, or has a yucky cough.   I didn't take a pic of our prescription meds because, as you all know, that's personal!!  SHEESH!!!
 Kids lids on the left and grown up lids on the right.
 Some of the kids' cups use buffers or some kind of straw.  I would get terribly annoyed when I had to dig to the bottom of the basket, so I remembered I had saved some baby food jars from when Sweet Pickle was eating it.  I just took off the label, Goo-Gone'd (great stuff) the sticky residue off and placed them in the front of the basket so they are now easily accessible.
 For all your Mom's out there that formula fed...look familiar?  A formula dispenser re-purposed as a syringe/dropper/dosage thing-a-ma-jigger dispenser.  This works great for us, no more searching for the matching pieces in a big bin (that was the way we were doing it), it's all right here in the little formula dispenser - ahem - I mean syringe/dropper/dosage thing-a-ma-jigger dispenser!

Sigh.  I love me a good organizing project.  It's been a long time since I did this one and I'm really due for another project.  I have blogging ideas written in my spiffy planner, but I'm now getting down to the ideas that will require me to actually DO them.  A lot is going on in La Casa de Megan (IF my sister reads this, she'll be cringing at my less than perfect Espanol!), some more DIY's and perhaps a building shall see.  I would show you what a horrible mess my basement is (My Lady Cave) - I've been doing a bit of sewing...again, you shall see...I'm even having a hard time typing this while the mess is whispering clean me.

FYI:  Doritos are on sale at Hy-Vee for $2/bag, and Old Orchard juice (we use this for our kids, we mix it with water so it's not so sugary: 1 part juice, 3 parts water) is $.99/bottle when it's usually $2.50.  I stocked up and bought 34 bottles - I got a LOT of nasty looks.  Sweet Pickle and I just strolled through, eating our chicken strips from the deli, while I pushed her in the firetruck cart full of juice.  Glare all you like people, but I just saved $51.  Booyah!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!  Until next week...

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