Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easy Recipe

Happy Friday!!!  Ok, so I'm not very good at tricking you.  It's Saturday and I will be 100% honest - I was SO busy yesterday that I didn't have time to turn on my computer.  Between running errands for 3 hours in the morning, attending Peanutty's field day at school, playing outside, and hitting up my nephew's (Tater Tot) t-ball was busy!!!  Ok, enough of the excuses.  I thought I'd share a super simple recipe for everyone! 

Here's what you'll need:

1-2 lbs. ground beef  - FYI, Fareway is having a sale on 80%, $1.99/lb. if you get it in the 10lb. tube - I got 5 yesterday and am going back today for more!!!
Carrots - Aldi ALWAYS has a steal on carrots.  Don't buy the baby carrots just because they're easier, go the extra mile and get the good "old fashioned" carrots.  Peel them and cut them yourself.  They are way sweeter!!!
Potatoes - these are usually pretty inexpensive.  Fareway has red potatoes for $.99/lb - I got a few for my pot roast tonight!
Onion - love onions, that's all on this one
Cheese - would you believe that we are down to only 3 bags of cheese!?!?!  We did an inventory last night and I have decided we need to purchase a smaller deep freeze to hold the cheese, veggies and butter so I can keep a better eye on them.  Hubby thinks I'm kidding, but I plan on looking on Craigslist today to see if I can snag one up!!!
Seasonings - the one's I use are the "basics":  garlic powder & salt, onion powder & salt, pepper
Butter - you only need a little bit
Worcestershire Sauce -  adds extra flavor and kick

You're going to mash up your ground beef with your seasonings and sauce.  I recommend over seasoning them a tinge because it will kind of "melt" out as it's cooking and help season the other stuff.
Make patties out of your beef.  We made 6 out of 2 lbs.  Peanutty can eat 2 patties by himself and Sweet Pickle loves the carrots.

Peel, cut, slice your onion (we were out so I didn't use it but I think it adds flavor and moisture to the meat), carrots and potatoes.

Rip off 6 sheets of foil (or however many you're making).  Then you simply start piling it on.  Here's the order we do:
Couple pats of butter
Meat patty
Seasoning - we add on a little more to the very top so that everything gets that yummy flavor!

Wrap them all up into little foil packets and then you can either grill for about 30-40 minutes on a medium heat or you can also bake them for about an hour on 350.  We grilled them this time.  When they're done you can crack open a side of the foil pack and drain off the grease (there will be some from the butter and meat).  Open it up and sprinkle some cheese on the top, it melts and you get this:
Sorry, I had already started eating when I remembered to take the picture.  It's simple and like a wee little pot roast meal in a foil pack for a week night.  The longest part of this is the assembly.  I had a great helper, who was also my photographer, the Hubs. 

Also, as a side dish I also had whipped up a pasta salad.  It's really simple.  You boil some pasta, cut up any veggies you have on hand (we did black olives, green peppers, broccoli and carrots) and put it all in a bowl.  Top it off with Italian dressing.  It's delish!!!
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!!!  I add a little extra Italian dressing...I love the tang!!! 

Sorry this is a day late, but better late than never!!!  Have a great holiday weekend, and remember those who are no longer with us!!!  Happy Memorial Day!!!  Until Tuesday...I hope.

*I am not proof reading...ain't nobody got time for that!*

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