Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Q & A

Here are just a few questions I've received since January 14th...that's the start date of this sweet blog...and my birthday (I'll never have a hard time remembering when I started this).  I'm going to answer the best I can!

Q:  Is your house always so clean?
A:  Yes.  Always.  GOTCHA!!!  No, it's not.  There's a HUGE difference between clean and picked up.  Our home is usually picked up with the exception of when the Littles are playing - we clean up POST toy tornado.  And they help.

Q:  What is Washi Tape?
A:  This question saddens me...you know who you are.  ;)  Washi tape is this wonderful paper crafting tape that I'm still finding all sorts of uses for.  It's more to just beautify and to serve the purpose of being FUN!!!  Here's the link to my post about Washi Tape: http://www.arethesemygoodsweatpants.blogspot.com/2014/01/washi-wonder.html    To sum it up:  It's just wonderful!!!

Q:  How do you get your kids involved in organizing and cleaning?
A:  We are just like any other parents that "encourages" their kids to help pick up and to put things back where they found them OR where they're supposed to go.  There's a place for everything in this house...even if it's the junk drawers (hope to post about that sometime) or the dreaded utility room.  They don't always do it willingly, but they do eventually.  I guess keeping up with it and simply by them seeing us do it.

Q:  Are you always so organized?
A:  No.  But, I sure try.  For example; my weekly meal planning calendar isn't filled out for this week.
I still know what's on the meal plan from our grocery list/meal planning sheet, but I haven't filled this one out yet.  I slip just like anyone else.  My planner really helps me - I mean REALLY helps me.  I'm much more of a hands on organizer that's why the actual paper planner comes in handy rather than electronic.  No, I don't write in my planner "clean toilets" or "4pm:  start dinner" - I can remember those things - it's more for appointments, games, practices, phone calls that need to be made, blogging ideas, meal planning, weddings, birthdays...you get the idea.  The house is pretty organized except for those areas which we do not speak of until I can address them.  :)

Q:  How did you start your blog and why?
A:  Actually my sister set up my blog for me in exchange for me sewing her something.  I'd been toying with the blog idea for over a year, and when I thought of the blog name - it all came together.  I needed an outlet from daily life - LOVE LOVE LOVE my life (kids, husband, home, work...), but everyone needs that something that they look forward to and I truly adore doing this blog.  I also wanted to share my organizing ideas, DIY's and just some of the things we do to make life easier.  I am VERY passionate about organizing.  My sister set up the blog through a blogspot which is through gmail.  She's WAY better at computer stuff than I am!

Q:  Do you have a lot of followers/readers?
A:  For the longest time I had no idea how to see if people were reading my blog (don't worry, it doesn't say WHO has been reading if you're a closet reader - it just gives a numerical amount)!  I stumbled across this about a month into it.  I am really not interested in my reader numbers, as long as just one person reads it and can get a few good ideas - I'm absolutely tickled!!!  I do really enjoy the feedback that I get from people.

Q:  Have you ever thought about organizing for other people?
A:  Absolutely!!!  I have two dreams (one realistic, one not so much):  1.  To become a professional organizer and open my own business.  2.  Become an actress (yes, I'm way serious...just waiting to be discovered in my small town).  I'd love to be welcomed into people's homes and help them get things in order and make them feel the way I do after organizing a huge project!  My only fear is that it will become an episode of 'Hoarders' and I will get lost never to be found again.

Q:  Do you blog every Tuesday and Thursday?
A:  95% of the time I write these blogs ahead of time.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will proof read them, add in a little of this and that if needed, and post them.  Most of the time I do not blog in real time.  Rarely I will if I find a deal on something that just MUST be shared with you all, right now.  If there's a good clearance or sale item at a store, I want everyone to partake in it!!!  I'm hoping to continue blogging for a while - as long as the fun ideas, projects, recipes keep-a-comin' I'll keep-a-bloggin'!  I'm always up for good ideas, so if you have a special organizing project that you MUST share, I'm open to having a guest blogger!!!

Q:  Where is The Container Store?
A:  The one that I've been to is in Minneapolis, MN.  I know they're all over the U.S. of A.  Just not close to where I live.  I HAVE been emailing TCS and volunteering to start a store around here.  I've even said that I'd buy into it - like a franchise...I'm still waiting for a reply.  This is not a joke, I've really been doing this.

That's all I've got for now!!!  Hope you enjoyed my little Q&A!!!  Sorry if I didn't blog all the questions...I haven't been writing them down, I just tried to remember a few off the top of my head.

Until Thursday...


  1. Love it!! I now know about the Washi Tape. Think I'll have to get me some! :)

  2. And I figured out how to leave a comment! Yeah!

  3. Yay Deb!!! Welcome to the commenting world!!! Washi tape is the cats meow. I adore it...I think you would too!!! Michaels, Target and scrap booking stores have it - worth the buy!!!

  4. Hey girl, I'm totally on board with getting a Container Store AT LEAST in the state of Iowa! (Des Moines would be even better!!) I've never been, but it is a long unfulfilled dream of mine. I settle for 1-2 trips to IKEA every year. Ok, it's not really "settling"... IKEA is definitely my favorite store of all time! Now what would it take to get one of those here too? Hmm...

  5. Bethany, I will start the emails to IKEA as well. I WILL get them here!!