Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frozen Skirt

Sweet Pickle is a HUGE fan of the Disney movie 'Frozen'.  She's that 2.5 year old that recites the words to the movie and sings the songs - we've watched it a couple times.  A couple months ago, I was rummaging through the remnants at the local fabric store - Hancock Fabrics - and found a little less than a yard of 'Frozen' print knit fabric.  I had NO idea what I was going to do with it, but I thought I'd find something!
We all know that I'm in the learning stages of sewing.  BUT, I found a great blog with a tutorial on how to make a little girls skirt.  Here's the link:

I washed and dried the fabric before setting to work.  It frayed something fierce, and I'm sure there's some super special way to wash/dry these kinds of fabrics, and I'm sure I'll find out after posting this.  :)
I trimmed off all the frayed stuff to get a nice rectangular piece of fabric.  I followed the tutorial (sorry, I didn't take pix of every step...I was kind of in the zone.  I had purchased some 1" elastic for the waistband as well when I was at Hancock Fabrics (I've been there many times).  After about an hour - this shouldn't take this long, but, I read and re-read the instructions about 7 times.  Here's what the final product is:
It turned out pretty darn cute!!!  It works with leggings under or just as is.  Where I'm from, she's had to wear snow pants underneath.  This will be a nice, simple skirt for the spring/summer.  AND, if I come across cute fabric in the remnants bin, I'll know what to do with it.  The total cost of this skirt was about $2.  Fabric was $1.27 and then a portion of a HUGE roll of elastic and the thread.  Not bad for 2 bucks!!!

Moral of the story:  Check out the remnants bin!!! You can find some treasures in there for super cheap!!!  And, with a little time and determination you could whip something fun up too!!!

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