Thursday, March 27, 2014

Simple Fix

Under my sink lies a lot of hair stuff.  Curling irons, flat iron, hair dryer, hair gunk for all styles and a little makeup.  Originally, my organization was working.  Just a little crate full of stuff as well as a magazine holder to hold my dryer and irons...but I somehow accumulated more gunk and the crate was over flowing.  Here's what it looked like:
It was all contained but was over flowing and it was starting to look messy.  No. Thank. You.  So, here was my simple fix:

Yet another Container Store find.  It was on sale for $3.29, and I purchased two with the intentions of converting everything under the sink into these.  While my intentions were good, but not measured out (I didn't measure anything before it bit me in my behind - just a little nip), two wouldn't fit under the sink.  BUT, one did:



While this wasn't a HUGE change, it was still a change for the good.  All of my hair products are current (not nasty old stuff) and in a larger container with my makeup and brushes/combs.  The black magazine rack holds the dryer and irons perfectly.  It's a metal magazine rack and I think it works better than a plastic one - just is a little heavier and can hold the weight of the contents.  I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't bother me that the containers don't match - I'm super weird about that...again, my OCD, forgive me.

After writing this, it made me giggle because for anyone who knows me, I'm not one to "do" my hair on a regular basis.  Drying it is an accomplishment for me and I consider that "styled".  But looking at all these hair products makes it look otherwise...don't be fooled folks!  Do. Not. Be. Fooled.

This is just a post to show that the simplest of changes can make all the difference!!!  AND, just so you know, Walmart and Dollar Store (General, Tree) have great selections that would work just as well as this one!!! I just happened to stock up on some random bins, baskets, and such when I was at The Container Store.  Man I love me some organizing supplies!!!

*Side Note:  I have NO IDEA how to rotate photos!  So for now, get creative and turn your head...consider it a stretching exercise.*

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