Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar DIY

It's December.  It's. December.  Don't know about anyone else, but I'm having a hellava time getting into the spirit.  Blah.  BUT, just because I'm not there yet, doesn't mean my kids aren't.  Three years ago, I started doing an advent calendar that suited us.  There are SO many out there to choose from, but I just couldn't seem to find one that we loved.  So, I made one.  Here's what it looks like:
With the help of 3 3M hooks, some gold rope and 25 clothes pins, you have the base for your calendar...
Package of small square, envelopes from Hobby Lobby (I think they were around $4)...

25 pieces of scrap paper, along with 25 daily ideas.  You stuff each envelope with one daily idea...
I numbered each envelope with some pretty paper.  I was fortunate to come across a 12x12 piece of scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby that had all 25 numbers on it.  All I had to do was cut them out and tape them onto each envelope.  I did do this part before anything else...I'm a bit out of order...

After stuffing each envelope, I then clipped them onto the rope.  Today we started with...December 1...of course.  The slip inside said that Peanutty got to choose any dinner of his choice.  Spaghetti is what he chose so I'll be making that tonight.  Once it's read, we flip it over to show that the 1st is done and over with.  Gives them an idea of how many days until Christmas. 

Other ideas:

-Snowman pancake breakfast
-Picnic in front of the Christmas tree
-Read holiday books
-Movie night
-Drive around town to look at lights while drinking hot cocoa in a to-go mug (they get a kick out of that)
-Snowman pizza night
-Call a family member that we don't get to talk to often
-Game night
-Letters to Santa
-Stuff Christmas card envelopes (lucky them!)
-Toys for Tots shopping (or any other giving kindness)
-Cook a meal for a neighbor
-Bake goodies
-Deliver goodies to neighbors
-Shovel driveways (ours and neighbors around us)

The list is endless.  We gear our advent calendar to family time and doing things together.  Perhaps look into fun festivities that your town offers.  Or help a family member decorate for Christmas.  I know how much I can't stand hauling all those totes out, it'd be nice to do that for someone else. 

We also have an awesome Elf on the Shelf.  I wish there was a sarcasm font (for the 'awesome').  I did this to ourselves by purchasing it.  Somehow it has become Hubby's responsibility to move the damn thing every night.  Bless him.  Just yesterday I came across an article about 'Kindness Elves' (look it up, it's pretty cool).  I love, love, love this idea.  I presented it to my Hubs and he said, and I quote "great, another thing for us to forget"...touche Hubby, touche.  As much as I adore this idea, he's right.  Taking on too much during the holidays can be stressful, because let's face it, it seems like the holiday season is stressful, at least a little bit, for everyone.  Less is more.  Plus, we incorporate our own ways of kindness into the advent calendar every year.  I'm trying to find a way for the Elf to get "lost" and never return...too cruel?  And is it just me or are they a wee bit creepy?  I feel as though I can say these things because I'm the one that inflicted this whole "Elf" thing to begin with. 

Ok, that's all for now.  I have no idea when I'll be back.  I have a couple projects that I want to accomplish here at home, and they'd be blog worthy but I have no schedule on when this will actually happen. 

Have a great day!  Until next time...FYI, no editing.

Side Note:  I cherish coffee.
Side Note 2:  I've been to Target so much over the past 2 weeks, that I THINK I'm getting kind of sick of it...or maybe it's the crowds...
Side Note 3:  I've been on a chai hiatus...it's time to bring it back.

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