Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NSS Update: Week 1 Under the Belt

Week 1 has come and gone already for No Spend September!  So far, so good.  There was only one "discretion" that I made.  Over the long weekend, we were going to indulge in some swimming.  Due to the fact that family owns this pool we were swimming in, we got to attend for free (BONUS) - 3 days in a row.  Both Peanutty and Sweet Pickle wear the over the nose goggles while swimming.  A pair snapped and needed to be replaced.  COULD it have been lived without?  Probably.  Would I hear about how swimming wasn't as fun for the entire weekend?  Yes.  I tooled over to the Dollar General (with a $5 bill from my stash - if you haven't read my post about this here's the breakdown, I don't spend five dollar bills...I save them - simple), and was pleased to find them clearancing out ALL of their swim stuff - this included the goggles.  They were originally $5 per pair...I got them for $1.25.  I purchased 3 pairs (stocking stuffers perhaps?), which made my total $4.01.  While it came out of my personal stash, I was happy to part with it to salvage a fun, hot weekend of swimming.  Otherwise, the spending was under complete control.  I didn't step foot in a Target for the entire week...folks, that is huge.

Here are a couple of other tips that I thought of to help curb the impulse to shop/buy:

  • Throw away catalogs the second you take them out of the mailbox.  If you're like me, you receive catalogs for this and that (clothing, shoes, hobbies [hunting/fishing], learning toys, party supplies, home goods...the list is quite endless)...and again, if you're like me, you may or may not have signed up to receive these catalogs.  I take these catalogs and recycle them immediately.  I don't flip or browse...I toss.  Done.
  • Instead of rushing out to purchase a grocery item (or something you THINK you need), try to think of an alternate replacement.  You're making stir fry for dinner and don't have broccoli...but you have zucchini and carrots.  Improvise.  I've done this on many occasions...did it turn out delicious?  Not always.  Is it edible?  Yep.  Push on.  
  • Make a list of items you run out of.  If you can live without it until the end of the month, great!  Even better if you can live without it all together.
  • Organize what you already have!  Pantry, closets, movies...you'll be surprised what you find in there and will come up with new ideas with what you've got OR you'll be inspired to purge.  We did our closets this weekend and rid ourselves of 3 garbage bags full of clothing.  It will be donated to a great cause this week!

I've received a LOT of questions about the reusable pouches I posted about last week.  So, in addition to those awesome tips, I thought I'd give it my review:

These little gems are called 'Little Green Pouch'.  I purchased a set of 4 on Amazon for roughly $12.  They are the same type of pouch that Go Go Squeeze applesauces come in, but are reusable.  They are top rack dishwasher safe.  After using these for about two weeks, I've come to the conclusion that they are worth the money.  And sometimes the little extra hassle to clean them.  With the help of a butter knife, you can get all the nooks and crannies of the pouch clean.  It literally takes an extra minute or two and they're clean.  Hot soapy water and a little shake down help as well.  So far it's had applesauce (purchased at Aldi for about $1.79 - gets us about 8-10 servings), and chocolate pudding (also purchased at Aldi for maybe $.50 and two cups of milk).  Peanutty hasn't complained so that's a plus.  The biggest trick is probably going to be training your kids to NOT throw it away.  I think they're worth the money and the time it takes to clean them.  Give them a go - you may love it!

Not very riveting, but hopefully a little helpful!!!  NSS is off with a bang, but not without the urge to shop...especially since I've started my Christmas shopping.  Yes, you read that right.  This woman is going to get her shopping done by Halloween...at least that's my goal!!!

Happy Saving!!!  Until next time...
Side Note:  I have a sick little so I'm not editing...who am I kidding, I never edit.
Side Note II:  I'm going to decorate for fall today...80 degrees outside screams fall, right?

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