Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NSS and Kids Fun Plate

I have this glorious find from Target.  Weird, right?!?!  Not really.  Back in the spring, after Easter, I stumbled upon two gems in the clearance section.  It was 70% off and I thought they'd be fun:

These wonderful Lunch Trays cost me all of $1.30 each.  I'm not usually one to purchase this kind of stuff because I think they cause clutter and I don't like having too much "stuff".  These have been worth the $2.60 times 10.  They're so much fun for the kids and it also makes me set out good portions of food for them.  They are dishwasher safe, which in my book is worth its weight in gold.  Plus, during the summertime, we do a lot of picnics, both inside and out, and these have proved to be fun and sturdy!  I've seen these on clearance at Target just about every season.

We lay out towels and the get a variety of food put on their plates...please note that we try to give our kids a variety of nutritional foods...but we also have no problem slapping a hot dog in a bun for supper.  Sometimes you just have to do that!!! 

No Spend September Update:

This past week went super well!!!  I went grocery shopping for the next two weeks, with the exception of purchasing milk, bread and some produce next week.  I raided our cupboards and pantry and meal planned by that.  I USUALLY try to do this, but sometimes it gets exhausting and can burn you out pretty fast.  I managed to spend $135 on two weeks worth of food.  Aldi is ALWAYS the first place I go to purchase groceries.  That place is a gem.  If you haven't tried it, do it.  It'll save you some serious moolah.  Now, know that I did NOT purchase any kind of meat products during this shopping trip.  Hubs and I buy our meat in bulk (half a cow, or when chicken is on sale, we buy a LOT to get us through for a few months).  Deep freezers are amazing and should be utilized...we do just that.  Here's what our meal plan looks like this week:
-Crock pot pot roast
-Leftovers from the weekend (chili, bbq smokies, bbq wings...all leftover from a tailgate...you know watching those footballers make some holes in one while under the watchful eye of an umpire)
-Taco soup (made with the leftover meat from the pot roast-speaking of, I best be getting that in the crock pot!)
-Tater Tot casserole (family favorite!!! we do NOT put veggies in it, we eat them on the side-apparently that's weird)
-Chicken and noodles
-Chicken tortellini soup
-Leftovers will be used for lunches and if there's too much, we'll eat them as a supper

Quick dinner fill-ins for us (things we always have on hand) are breakfast for dinner, and homemade pizza.  We do NOT buy frozen pizza.  We stopped that years ago, BUT we have traded our neighbors our chicken fajita leftovers for a frozen pizza...it was delicious...yes, that really happened.  :)

A couple other things I thought of to save some dough:

-We don't have a single magazine subscription that we pay for.  I figure you can just hit up some doctors offices to read what's new and current if you must...I kid, but some offices have stellar selections.  If you have a magazine you love, perhaps you could ask for a subscription as a gift for your birthday or Christmas.  Our kids get Highlights magazine from their Grandparents as a Christmas gift. We love it, they love it.  It's a win-win!

-Utilize your public library for books.  I'm a book lover.  I LOVE to read.  I started going to our small town library just a few months ago, and it's glorious.  I also joined a thing called BookBub.  They send me daily emails to let me know about book deals.  Some are free and some are reduced price.  I indulge in the free books on my Kindle...the ONLY downfall to this is I've noticed that most of the free books are #1 in a series, while the following books cost money.  Usually the free books are easy reads that I'm satisfied without reading the rest of them.  Now, if it was Harry Potter or the Hunger Games...I couldn't have just read the first book. 

Ok, that's all I have for right now.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you're saving some money this month...if not, spend some for me.  Until next time...

Side Note: Not editing this so hopefully you can make heads or tails about what I'm typing about.
Side Note II:  I've got nothing for this one, but I feel like I should at least put two.

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