Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Washi Wonder

Oh Washi tape...how I love thee!  Paper. Crafting. Tape.  Who knew?  This stuff is very versatile and so flipping pretty!!!  It can spice up the simplest of things for a very little cost.  I'm ALL about doing things inexpensively, so this is right up my alley!!!  I was asked what in the world I use Washi tape for, so I hopped on Pinterest (EEEK!! Love Pinterest but it is the sink hole of my spare time...and I just tend to get peeved because I didn't come up with the idea), and found a plethora of uses for this wonderful tape.  Some, I must admit, are cooler than cool, but not exactly practical for my liking...for example, someone decked out a Huffy 10 speed in different tape - SUPER cool...but not something I would do.  So, here are just a few of the ways that I've used Washi tape:

  • The LOVE of my organizing life:  MY PLANNER!!!  Yes, this planner comes with stickers, but sometimes the stickers are too big and bulky for what I want to use it for, so I resort to Washi tape.  It's pretty, and it comes in a few different widths.  The standard size that I've seen is a hair over 1/2", while I have a couple that are a little more narrow coming in a hair under 1/2", and I have the big dog that is 2 1/4".  I use the narrow tape if I want to conserve a little space OR if I want to change up the style.  But, I mostly use the tape for blocking off large amounts of time for vacations or school breaks.

  • Rogue bullet alert!!!  Next up is binder clips.  At the end of last school year, I wanted to give Peanutty's (my son) teachers a little something that was homemade but functional.  So, I covered binder clips with pretty Washi tape (chosen by Peanutty himself).  I purchased about 20 of the clips at the Dollar Tree for $1/10 clips - so I spent $2 on the clips and of course the cost of the tape.  I've been lucky enough to buy the tape anywhere from $3-$5.  Target has sales on the 3M Scotch tape every now and again, so I got some that were buy 2 get 1 free.  I also use the tape to spruce up a plain envelope, in this case, the envelope holds coupons for our current grocery list.  Comes in handy!
  • About 2 years ago I purchased two boxes of Better Homes and Gardens brand of Mason jars, with the intent of using them for tomatoes.  Well, fast forward to now and I have yet to do that...BUT, I have found other cute and functional uses for these jars.  For example, our Q-Tips in the bathroom.
  • Labeling drawers.  My daughters room has a wonderful built-in drawer unit, it's dated but it works.  So, to bring a little fun to the drawers (and to help guide hubby when putting clothes away), I used the tape and labeled each drawer with my clear labels using my lovely label maker.
  • In our home, we have a meal planning station as well as a daily station (post on that will be later).  In order to keep the pens and markers out of Sweet Pickle's hands (daughter, she's 2.5 years old and into everything), I made some magnetic containers out of old cans and brought in a little color with the tape.  And then proceeded to place them up high on the refrigerator so she couldn't get at them (worked for a while, but now she can climb).
  • This past fall I created a thing called "Our Life in Documents", out of a accordion file so it was easily found and accessible (a post on this is scheduled for later).  This has things like our marriage license, vehicle titles, immunizations...among other items that need to be readily available. I labeled all of these items with Washi tape and my trusty label maker!  This could be done for any kind of envelope, file or binder as well!

  • From my friend, Janel, she used her Washi tape to help put a little eye candy (in the crafty sense) to her recipe binder!  Love it!!!!

  • From another friend, Jessica, Washi tape was used to organize and separate her keys that were the exact same.  Adore this...not to mention she purchased me the same tape as a birthday gift!!!
  • Other ideas for Washi tape that I think would be fun and functional would be:
    • Color code cords under your computer desk (we all know how messy that can get)
    • To put a little flare on a clothespin (I want to do this one!) or a paperclip.
    • Make your own cupcake flags with the tape and a toothpick.
    • Seal an envelope/card.
    • To label ANYTHING!!!
    • Charging station and color code each electronic item
    • Jars, vases, jugs, bins, tins...the list goes on and on!
I have about 5 ideas on how I want to organize/store my tape.  Right now it's in this lovely pink paisley canister (all 3 canisters were purchased at Michael's on super clearance for $8 - BOOYAH), and full to the brim...it's time to come up with something fun and different!!!

There you have it!!!  My uses for Washi/paper tape!  The ideas are endless and I love to hear/see ideas.  I have a HUGE project going on right now that includes a basement, rearranging, purging and of course, ORGANIZING.  I will start posting on the progress of this project very soon.

I've decided to post on the T's:  Tuesday's and Thursdays.  As long as I've got a project, idea, request, recipe...I'll keep it coming!

Special thanks to my guest contributors:  Janel and Jessica!!!  Love your Washi tape uses!!!

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