Wednesday, January 15, 2014

THE Planner

My original intent on this blog was to post once maybe twice per week unless I have a stellar project going that I could share more frequently.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support, questions and comments I received (through Facebook messages) over the past 24 hours.  A lot of people out there that need or want to get organized and ones that loved the idea of the planner but weren't sure what it was all about.  SO, that being said, I have decided to dedicate this post to THE planner.  The peanut butter to my jelly, the left to my right, the place my Sharpie likes to write in best...THE planner.

I will go through the planner and tell you what I love about it.  And, for your viewing pleasure...PHOTOS!!!

  • The size.  7.25" x 9.25" of pure spiraled goodness.  I had looked into numerous planners when I was feeling like my life was getting out of control.  Some were small, too small for my liking, I write a little larger and wanted a little extra space to play with.  I looked into one that I could print off and put into a binder-type planner, it was a 8.5" x 11" had the most amazing amount of space to write in, plus some, but I REALLY wanted a planner I could put in my purse and take with me everywhere.  This was just too large.  Then I stumbled across this planner:
  • That's right folks, you can PERSONALIZE it!!!  Some hate personalization, but some, like me, enjoy it!!!  They have a multitude of styles you can choose from, last years model was a candy stripe design, I adored it, but was ready for a new and different scheme!
  • Tabs.  The planner has tabbed months, as well as special dates, a 2014/2014 double page layout, notes and contacts.

  • Another thing I truly appreciate is that each month has a double page layout so you can see it's entirety in one shot.  You get to look at your whole month at once to see what's going one, plus a little section off to the side for some notes.  Here is a blank look at a double page layout of a full month.
  • Next up, one of my favorite features, is the week double page layout.  It allows you to write down what's going on in three separate sections; morning, day and night.  It also allots space on the bottom to either meal plan (I use it for this and writing down school lunches for the kiddo), record your exercising, or random things you need to put in. There is also a space off to the side for goals and notes.

  •  There is a section in the back for taking notes.  I never had used it until this last fall and I started writing down home projects, gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays, questions for doctor appointments, and now, blogging ideas.  It comes with lined and blank pages.

  • Each planner comes with a handy dandy book mark that fits right into the spiral binding.  You can easily access the current week (that's what I use it for) by grabbing it and flipping right to it.  And these planners come with  sheets of stickers you can use.  Two pages have already been pre-made with 'Birthday', 'Dr. Appt', 'Girls Night'...etc, you get the picture.  And the other two pages are blank stickers which allow you to write on them yourself. Also keep in mind, you can customize your own stickers as well, for a price of course (I use one of my Sharpies to write on the blank ones - BOOM! PERSONALIZED)  Each planner also comes with a two sided catch-all folder AND clear pouch.  I put important school papers, forms, extra stickers (left over from last years planner) in my folder.  And in the pouch, I always have stamps, you never know when you'll need one and if you're like me, you don't have cash...ever, to buy one.  And you can kind of see in the last photo, on the back cover (on the inside) there is a 2015/2016 calendar available for you as well.


    Again, this planner is from .  I use this sucker every single day.  When I'm home, it's out on the kitchen counter flipped open to the current week so it's there out in the open.  But, it then fits snugly in my purse when I'm out and about.  VERY handy for making future appointments/plans!  Lots of styles to chose from and even a few that you can upload photos on to.  The planner is the only product I have ordered from this site...of course I did order an address book  for home but it hasn't shipped yet.  More on that later.  The covers are a thick laminate that's very durable and sturdy.  My last one had a little wear and tear on the corners but that's normal considering how many times it gets put in and out of the old purse-a-roonie.  You may want one bigger, smaller, or cheaper, but this one fit the bill for me and my life.  

    On a side note, this was my first time working with bullets...there's an extra one floating in my post but I can't get it to go away!!!  I'm working on my computer skills, so hang in there!  I can only get better!!!


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