Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cleaning Cupboard

I have a cupboard full of cleaning supplies.  Anywhere from carpet spot cleaners, to Windex, to a multitude of sponges, to furniture cleaner...it gets out of hand. 
Please cue 'Psycho' music...

It MAY not look so bad, but the white plastic bins can be deceiving.  It's organized chaos in there.  It was time to purge and re-group!  I started by disposing the stuff that we have had for a while, or stuff we used to use for wood floors but no long have wood floors (we may be going back to that sometime soon, but not sure if I want them again)...you get the idea.  Get rid of the stuff you don't need/use.  If you'll notice, I have everything that has harsh and harmful chemicals.  I know there are all sorts of organic products out there that are safer for kids/pets/humans in general, but to be quite honest, I'm OK with using what we've got.  Gasp!  She's OK with poisoning her children?!?!  We don't lick it once its been sprayed or use it as a perfume, so I truly believe if you're careful with it, it's not a problem.  I'm probably getting shaking heads over this last tidbit, but I'm good with it.  To each his own.  Also, if you'll notice, it's a cupboard that's high up off the ground so my Littles can't get into it.  Use common sense and all will be just fine.  Or, have the CDC's number on hand.  Moving on...
I emptied the entire cupboard and cleaned the shelves...
Then I rounded up a whole bunch of plastic containers I had laying around the house - purchased at either a Dollar Store, Target or Walmart.  And of course I have my trusty label maker and Washi tape...

We have quite a few sponges that are designated for certain cleaning purposes:  cooktop, bathtub, toilet, sinks...and in order to keep them separated (disgusting to think of a toilet sponge used on your counter tops - side note: I don't use a sponge on our counters, I use bar clothes that I wash every day), I used these inexpensive (3 for $1) white plastic trays.  I Washi taped the crap out of them, and labeled each one.  These plastic containers stack nicely so after being labeled, I just stacked them up.  Keeps them in their own separate tray, and if you put them away wet, the slots in the containers allow them to dry.  Easy peasy.
Here's one container that has all things sponges/squishy cleaners.
This smaller container houses all types of industrial hand cleaners.  We use these a lot with all the projects we do around here.
Random container has extension cords and window treatments (you know, that plastic wrapping you put on your windows in the winter?  We have new windows but still do this...we save just that much more money with them on - seriously).  There's plenty of room in there for me to add to it.  We originally had a ton of light bulbs but we don't need them as frequently now that we switched to the energy efficient type bulbs.  We moved those into the basement utility room that I will NOT show you until it's time to organize it.
This container has furniture cleaner, cooktop cleaner, shoe polish, toilet discs, furniture cleaner, and Goo Gone (if you don't have this, you need it, it's wonderful.  Peanutty had a pack of bubblegum in his coat pocket when we washed and dried it - the Goo Gone took it right out.  It was a miracle...maybe not a miracle, but when you're only 1 month into the cold season and a NEW coat is annihilated by bubble gum, you're pretty damn grateful for the Goo Gone).
End result?  This.  It's still going strong after having done this months ago.  I can find whatever I need quickly.  Next step is doing this to every cupboard, closet, and room...slowly but surely!!!

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of Are These My Good Sweatpants!  Until next time...

Side Note:  I'm considering writing a novel.  Yay?  Nay?
Fun Tidbit:  A dryer sheet dipped in water (or soapy water) will remove ALL dead bugs from the front of your vehicle.  I've done this every time we wash a car and it works wonders.  Try it, it's a life changer.

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