Friday, May 15, 2015

I've Missed This...

I've started to write this post 3 times already, not quite sure where to start.  After a 7 month hiatus, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things - blogging here and there without a set schedule.  I found that I was treating this blog like a job instead of something fun to share - so, I got burned out...and I got into a rut.  I've dug myself out of said rut and am ready to tackle some new projects.  Not to mention my inspiration from family, friends and the dirty bitch named Pinterest.  Yes, I said it.  Pinterest is a dirty, time sucking, inspiring bitch.  Now that I've got my excuse for my absence out of the way, let's dive in.

It's closet time.  I know I shared about Peanutty's closet months ago...well, that's been re-vamped as well.  Here's that post:

My (notice how I don't say "our"...let's face it, I take up about erm 80% of the closet so I'm not even attempting to fool anyone here) closet needed an overhaul.  Bad.  As did my dressers...yes, I said dresserS...again, I'd say Hubs owns about 10% of those.  I'm just now realizing that I need to downsize all of my clothes again...hmmm...OK, back on point here.  Here are the befores:

My Closet

Peanutty's Closet

The drawers worked great in his closet until they didn't.  He got bigger, so did his clothes.  Only so much could fit in there.  As for my closet, I have zero excuses other than I adore shopping and have an addiction...come to think of it, I have a lot of those:  washi tape (yep, still obsessed), organizing (duh), Target (gulp, this will be a whole other post...I've recently become they're #1 customer and they know me and Sweet Pickle by name - drat) burying my face in my kids cheeks with smooches until they get know, things like that.  I need to go through my clothes again (I did this closet re-do a few months ago and could have gotten rid of a lot more...and I may or may not have added to the hot mess that is my closet).

Aaaah.  This gem is from college, which was purchased 13+ years ago to accommodate a different closet which happened to be a beautiful, expanse of space called a "walk-in".  It was truly dreamy.  Well, for 10 years it has been in my closet serving its purpose but not utilizing the full space.  I decided to make Peanutty's closet the newest victim to this crime.  Annnnd because we already have it so let's make use of it.  I cleared out my closet and put in two shelves that went from wall to wall.  Huge thank you to my husband that installed these without my help and without me asking.  Good man that is!!!

I truly did gain a LOT of space here.  It may not seem like it, but I actually have 3/4 of the top shelf empty.  They say "when you have a lot of space, you end up filling it with more junk".  Who "they" are, I don't know, but they're right.  I am happy to report that I haven't filled that space up with a lot more clothes because I have a brainstorm in the works for my room that includes getting rid of one of the dressers. 

Pants on the top shelf, sweats (my FAVE) on the bottom shelf, and bags/purses/backpacks underneath.  Works out great.  Originally I had belts on a hanger - that was annoying SO:

In the back of our closet is a whole board that supports the upper shelves.  It's wasted space back there so I added a few 3M hooks (I'm going nothing but posh and fancy here-and because I didn't want to put holes in the wood-and because I did this when Hubby was at work and I'm not the best at using a screw gun).  Ta-da!  They're hung up, out of the way and easily accessible.  I'm still fighting with my scarves but I'll come up with something some day.
Sigh.  Just looking at these make me happy.  I not only love washi tape, but a label maker puts a smile on my face.  The combo of the two?  Mind. Blown.  Categories include:  t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, Medium and Large.  If I see something on clearance that I know Peanutty will get good use out of later, I buy it.  Like $1.00 sweatshirts at Walmart?  Yes, please!  So, I made a category for the larger clothing he will wear later.

All of his bedding goes on the shelves up top.  I wish I could say it looks like this all the time...but it doesn't.  Looks more like someone beat the ever loving crap out of the clothes and left them for dead. 

That's it for my first post back at it.  I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!!  Until next time!

Side note:  I am not revising this.  I have a couple hungry kids and need to start cooking.
Side note 2: Thank you to the strangers that sent me emails stating that they loved my blog.  It put a huge smile on my face.

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