Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun!!!

First off...I'm so SORRY I missed last week...life happened.  I KNOW you all (all 10 of you that read this religiously) were wondering what happened!!!  Moving on...

So, I'm well aware that this should be the Laundry Room Part 3...but with Halloween right around the corner (in 3 days to be exact), I wanted to share a little DIY I did for both Sweet Pickle and Peanutty's classroom parties.  I took it upon myself to be in charge of games for the kids' classrooms.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving out little prizes for the kids, so guess where I headed to find the perfect little somethings???  Did I just hear you right?  Did you just say...Target?  Well, you're right!!!  Thank goodness the dollar bins did NOT disappoint this year.  I also picked up a couple things from Aldi of all places! Here's just a little bit of what I found:
So here's what I scored:

mini Play-Doh - $3.99 for 15 - I purchased 3
20 pack of 20 sticker boxes - $1.99

8 count of Halloween pencils - $1.00 - I purchased 6
50 count of Halloween erasers - $1.00 - I purchased 4
50 count bat rings - $1.00
Tattoo sheets - $1.00 - I purchased 2
8 count vampire teeth - $1.00 - I purchased 2
20 count tattoo boxes - $3.00

All together I spent $31.96.  Seems steep right?  It is.  I admit I went overboard.  My justification?  Halloween just so happens to be my FAVORITE holiday.  I anticipate my involvement in the Little's school parties to be every single year.  Anything left over will just be saved for the following year.  Anywho...moral of the story?  You don't have to go CRAY-ZAY over the fun junk in the dollar bins...but if you're like me, you will!

I decided to do a Bingo game for Peanutty's class.  Whoever gets a Bingo will get to pick a pencil and eraser.  They'll use candy corn as markers for the Bingo game.

I decided to do a bean bag toss game as well for BOTH Peanutty and Sweet Pickles classes.  Originally I was going to use the $.99 plastic pumpkins that you can get anywhere.  I actually used those a couple years ago for Peanutty's classroom game, but the problem with those?  They don't nest.  I was that crazy lady with the huge Rubbermaid tote full of Halloween game supplies.  I don't want to do that again.  I went on a hunt for bowls or SOMETHING that will nest.  Well, I found a cute set at Target.  There were 6 buckets for $10.  Steep?  Yes, but in the big picture, if I would have found them in the dollar bins, I would have purchased at least 6 anyway...so I spent $4 more than I had hoped, but again, I'll be using this game for years to come.  Not to mention we're having a shindig for Halloween that everyone can enjoy!!!  Here's what the  buckets look like:
Super cute!!!  They came with these plastic ping pong ball, but all they'd do would be bounce out.  So, I decided to make some bean bags.  These took me all of 20 minutes to make.  I purchased the fabric at a local store.  I purchased 1/4 yard of each fabric bringing my grand total to $2.00 for all 3 styles:
Yay!!  I purchased some beans at Aldi as well for $1.00:
I cut out two 6x6 inch squares from each fabric:
Did a little pinning (right sides together):
Sewed three of the four edges:
Flipped them right side out:
Filled with my beans...there may or may not have been a little bean spillage from Sweet Pickles extraordinary help:
And sewed up the last side giving us these:

Best part?  It's not rocket science.  It's simple, easy and quick!!!  And as long as the kids don't wipe their noses on them, or lick them, you can reuse them.  I know that's a lot to ask of kids, but hey, we can hope!
Here are the game rules for Peanutty's class (they are elementary level children)

Each child will get to toss each of the 3 bean bags once.  There will be a little prize in EVERY bucket.  If their bean bag lands in a bucket, they get the prize.  If they don't make it in, no prize.  If one or more land in the same bucket, they only get whatever prize is in that bucket.  You're aiming to get your bean bags in three different buckets to earn 3 prizes. 

Rules for Sweet Pickles class (they are 3 year olds):

You get three bean bags to toss.  If you get them in, great!  If not, no biggie.  EVERY child will get a little goody bag with a variety of Halloween goodness in them.

There you have it!!!  Set me back about $42, but I envision a lot cheaper purchasing next year...I hope.  Keep in mind that I budgeted for all of this in the 'School Fund' and the 'Daycare Fund'.  I usually only participate in one of the kids' school parties each year, so in the big picture, it's not too bad...at least that's what I'm telling myself!!!

I hope you all have a safe and warm Halloween!!!  Where I'm at, it's going to be a high of 53 degrees and a low of 36 degrees....EEK!!!  That's super scary!

Next week, I'll post about my last DIY from the laundry room as well as some photos my kids took of me while opening my new 2015 Life Planner.  Sigh.  I love that thing.

Until next week my faithful followers!!!

Side Note:  Not editing.  I have a rabid child that needs fed.
Side Note 2:  I didn't get my chai in today.  Have you?
Side Note 3:  It's taco night.

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  1. Hey girl, I'm guessing you have life happening (just like the rest of us) and haven't had time to write lately, especially with all of the holidays going on. Just want you to know I love reading your blog!