Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jewelry EVERYWHERE!!! And An Update On N.S.S.

I'm first going to blog about a little solution I came up with for Sweet Pickles mess of fancy jewels.  This one is complete with photos so that will make this entry WAY better than me flapping my gums!!!  If any of you have been around a little girl that enjoys playing dress up (mine favors the super hero look as opposed to princesses and tutu's, but she dabbles in the accessory department [especially if said accessory is a Captain America shield]), you probably have seen the plethora of beaded necklaces and bracelets, watches, tiaras, and rings.  Here's what we were currently using to keep all of this stuff corralled:

This was a $5 bucket I picked up about 2 years ago at...Target.  Weird, I know.  ;)  It's been a wonderful bucket to us and has been the keeper of many things, but it wasn't cutting it for the beloved pretties for Sweet Pickle.  In her frustration, this is what it would end up like:
Yep.  Dumped on the floor and then would be left there for an unsuspecting parent to waltz in with an armful of laundry to put away.  Please note the tiara that has pokey beads and hair combs on each end...it'll bring you to your knees in a hurry.  Not like a Lego does, but pretty damn close.  I've been doing my best to recycle what we already have for my re-organizing ideas and I remembered something that I thought would come in handy:
BOOM!!!  Awwww yeah!  That's right, a silverware divider.  I thought with a little creativity, it'd be like her own little jewelry box.  Here's what I came up with:
YAY!!!  She has plenty of space for all her "pitties" (pretties) and she can see everything.  I must add that this photo is extra awesome due to her cute little feeties.  The tiara was sacrificed for the sake of organizing.  Kidding.  It just sits on top when on the shelf...what shelf?  Oh yeah:
The bucket is now used to hold all her Disney "action figures".  I wish I could say it all still looks like this right now, but I assure you.  It doesn't.  But a very easy fix for a mess of a bucket!!!

NOW, onto my N.S.S. (No Spend September) update.  Well, it's day 2 and I've already come up with a dozen ideas of fun stuff for me and Sweet Pickle to do...all of which COST MONEY!  Drat.  In all honesty, it's all going smooth so far, but like I said, it's only day 2.  Here are just a couple examples of how I've avoided spending money in just two days:

  • This morning, instead of heading to the zoo (it's a gorgeous day), we came home and played with a sticker book, painted our nails (both fingers and toes) and played the Wii together.  We'll be watching a movie during quiet time and heading to the park for the afternoon as well!  I make it seem like I've got a spending problem when it comes to entertaining my daughter-I don't.  We stay home most days that I'm off.  We do a lot of reading, watching movies, pajama days (we do this A LOT in the winter), have company over, play outside, ride bikes, water play, sidewalk chalk AND a lot of cleaning, she's pretty darn good at folding towels...the list is endless!
  • I was invited to go out to eat with some old friends from high school (can't wait you guys!!!), so I was honest in saying that I'd be eating before hand, but would love to come and visit while they ate...yes, I'm going to be like an annoying toddler asking for bites, but I'm sure they'll all oblige.  Kidding girls.
  • I am re-scheduling my September haircut for sometime in October.  My hair will be a mess by then, but again, I'm up for the challenge.  Since I'm one of those women that do their hair every day and NEVER puts it in a ponytail...hehehe.
  • Yesterday for the holiday off, we did some car cleaning, played outside, rode bikes, put together puzzles and flew a kite.  About the kite thing, we all walked to the park, got the kite in the air and I said "let's see how high we can get it!".  After it was about 18 miles in the sky, they decided they wanted a snack and went home leaving me to reel it in.  Took me 21 minutes because it was so windy.  But my point is, we found other fun things to do at home.  As a matter of fact, we stayed home the entire weekend with the exception of dinner with family.  We made our own fun, and got a lot accomplished!
Summary:  I don't think this is going to be too horribly hard.  I've gotten a lot of feedback about this plan and I've gotten a lot of:  "It gives me anxiety just thinking about it", "You're crazy", "Wow, wish I could do that", and my favorite: "In honor of your No Spend September, I'm going shopping" - that was on day 1.  BUT, I have gotten one:  "Good for you".  I love me a good challenge!!!  Again, I'm always looking for ways to save money or spend less, so please, send me your ideas!!!  I know I'm not the only one that loves to read other blogs about money saving ideas!!!  Or am I???

Hope you all had a safe and happy weekend!!!  Until next week!!!

*Side note:  I'll be going to Sweet Pickles room right after publishing this to tidy up her pretties.*
**Do you taste that?  It's the taste of that sweet iced chai...thank goodness I have a carton or two stored!!**

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