Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who Knew?

Who knew there were a wa-gillion uses for washi tape!?!?  We all know my obsession with washi tape has gotten a little out of control...and I LOVE IT!!!  I found yet ANOTHER use for this wonderful-wamazing-wantastic-washi tape!!!  I was attempting to get supper cooked the other night (nothing note worthy or blog worthy) and the kids were going CRAY-ZAY - so I thought "what could I give them to play with that would keep them outta my hair for just a little while so I can cook and get something done???".  Here's what I came up with:
This is my kitchen floor, right below my 'Command Center'.  Don't you just love how it looks so clean and the paint on the walls looks crisp...thank goodness the zoom wasn't on and you can't see what may or may not be ketchup on the wall (hey, at least I'm being realistic about what my house REALLY looks like).  Here's my blank canvas!!!
With a wee bit-o-washi love, I came up with this...

Peanutty and Sweet Pickle thought this was the cat's meow.  They loved it!!! So, to add a little more excitement to the whole "city", we came up with these:

I just whipped up the wood police station, gas station, school and fire station...yes, I'm that good.  Actually, we purchased those from a learning catalog that we happened to get in the mail.  They looked cool and were worth the money (about $24 for all 4 stations) - well made and very cute!!!  We also whipped up some Lego Duplo "stations" - those I actually did whip up.  We also have wood blocks and regular sized Legos that could have made this city even more of a city, and fun to play with.  BUT, as I said before, this is located right in front of the 'Command Center' and it's also the walk way to the back of the house.  This stayed up for about a week, and then started to peel up (and get on my nerves - ahem, them OCD kicked into high gear!).  Best part?  It was easy to put on and easy to remove and was a total of $3 worth of washi loving.  I'll do it again, and may even make it EVEN cooler!!!

The Equation:

$3 worth of washi tape + imagination + cars + legos/blocks = 1 week of fun for the kids!

I hope you all get your washi on!!!  Until next time!!!

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