Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aaaah, cords!!! And Perhaps a Little DIY?

 Who doesn't have random cords scatter throughout the house?  Old chargers?  Cords for kids devices?  For the camera?  Whatever it's for, they tend to pile up.  For the longest time I had all of our cords in a basket, then a larger basket, and then they got out of control.  If I needed one, I'd end up pulling out 20.  And, believe it or not, I didn't have a single cord labeled so it was a crap shoot as to which cord belonged to what.  It was time to take charge (get it?) of the cords! 
And here you have it.  I used a plastic shoe organizer that I found at Target.  I believe it was around $10 (don't quote me, it's been a while).  I wanted a clear plastic one instead of the mesh because I wanted to see through each pouch and be able to...label it!  With the help of my label maker (I would have used Washi tape but this was WAY before I got into that obsession), I came up with this:

It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but it's organized and easy to find what we're looking for.  This hangs on the utility side of our basement door.  These shoe organizers come with over the door hooks for easy hanging, but if you didn't want to use those (or your door won't shut because it's too tight with them on it), you could use 3M hooks (love those!). 

Nothing fancy but it does the trick!!!  I've also seen people label cords with those plastic bag ties (like on a sack of potatoes) to label their cords.  Or some people use a longer piece of Washi tape wrapped around the cord to label it.  Or some people just throw them away because they're annoying.  Whatever trips your trigger.

Now for a little DIY:  If you live anywhere near the Midwest, the weather has been treacherous. Extreme cold, snow and will bring you down in a millisecond.  Well, frankly, I'm sick of it.  I decided I wanted to add some color to my kitchen table to cheer me up and to entice spring to make an appearance.  Here is my inspiration brought to me, by...ME!!!  No, Pinterest...again :
I love, love, LOVE fresh flowers.  This seems to be one of those things that either you love them (like me) or you hate them (think they're a waste of money...they die anyway [that's what I usually hear]).  Well, I love them, but I do hate when they die.  My inspiration came from the above photo.  I love the colors and they just scream "Happy!".  Well, I wasn't about to march out and purchase a fresh flower, I decided to make my own - out of silk flowers purchased at Michaels.  I also decided to make-over an old glass vase we had on hand, it was my first time using spray paint for a crafty purpose so it was a little shaky, but I like the outcome - while not perfect, I think it gives it character!!!  So, here is the process, in photos:

I think it's absolutely lovely.  It's not 'Better Homes and Gardens' worthy, but it's 'My House' worthy.  So much fun to make...and trust me, I have zero skills when it comes to floral arranging.  I just took a stab and it and yet again executed another idea lifted from Pinterest!  In total the cost for this center piece was $25 (give or take a few cents).  I think it will add just that little bit of "life" to the dining area!

Until Tuesday...

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